Eco-Friendly Biobased Adhesives, Binders, and Coatings
Sustainable - Biodegradable - Repulpable


A skin-safe solution which produces a very thin, clear, and flexible film that delivers and protects both active and passive ingredients  to the skin.
It can be custom formulated with actives or provided as a non-reactive carrier for a customer’s ingredients and formulations.

DermAnaize™ Details


A biobased adhesive, which can be easily fine-tuned to achieve  performance characteristics for  specific applications and materials.  
The adhesive can be provided as a  liquid of varying viscosity or as a hot  melt solid. The adhesive can also produce a clear, flexible film  which is ideal for use as a laminating  adhesive for flexible food packaging.

 ​​​BondAmaize™ Details