Eco-Friendly Biobased Adhesives
Sustainable - Biodegradable - Repulpable

gluECO plans to be a good way 

Good for Manufacturers

Good for Consumers

Good for the Environment

We are a Green-driven company focused on developing adhesive products which are totally sustainable and food-safe.

gluECO Adhesives is currently seeking investors for its Seed Funding Round. This will allow us to complete our research and product development so that we may bring a full line of eco-friendly adhesives to market.

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Our Story

gluECO Adhesives began with a simple question, “Why can’t we recycle hardcover books?” When we learned that the answer was the adhesive, we began to explore the possibility of producing an adhesive that was not only eco-friendly, but also food-safe, versatile, and affordable.

Working with our partners at FloZein Products, the leading producer of Zein corn protein, and researchers at Purdue University, we are developing a line of adhesives which will meet the requirements of a range of industries while offering a sustainable alternative which will reduce waste and harmful compounds into the environment.

Few things in life are more important than our health and our world. gluECO Adhesives is committed to providing an adhesive that preserves our planet and our health, while delivering a superior product to the market. Our unique position with FloZein Products, the leading producer in the Zein market, enables us to disrupt the adhesive industry with a unique and sustainable product.