Dan Rosen

President and CEO

Dan previously served as COO of FloZein Products, a strategic partner of gluECO. He also held senior management roles in marketing, product development, and production. He is tasked with developing the overall strategy for product development and commercialization of the adhesive products. Dan holds an MBA from Columbia University

Rachel Freedman

Director and co-Founder

Rachel is the President and owner of FloZein Products. She also has over 30 years of experience as a project manager, professional trainer, and a technical writer. Rachel is responsible for maintaining relationships with all stakeholders, as well as providing strategic vision for gluECO. She has a degree in Mathematics from Smith College.

Alex Rosen

VP, Business Development and Operations 

Alex has a Bachelor of Science from Tulane University and is tasked with managing the communications among all aspects of the business including sales, marketing, and manufacturing.

Gail Leibowitz

Director of Business Strategy

Gail is a seasoned C-Suite executive with a proven record of successfully building and operating businesses in various industries. Gail specializes in strategic leadership, growth, and innovation strategies, and nurturing internal and external partnerships.


Peter Mattei

Director of Research 

Peter is one of the most knowledgeable Zein chemists in the United States. The focus of Peter’s research has been to eliminate society’s reliance upon many unwanted synthetics, solvents, surfactants and superfluous agents, but rather rely on sustainable raw materials.

Jonathan Wilker, PhD

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry  

Jon’s research group at Purdue University is developing biomimetic materials with properties not accessed previously. Some of the bioinspired systems developed so far include adhesives able to be stronger than Super Glue, set underwater, have tunable flexibility, be derived from renewable resources, and debond at predetermined times.